Worcester Library

The Worcester Public Library is one of the largest libraries in Massachusetts. David King was the principal designer and job captain of this building when he worked at Tappe Associates.

This project included the renovation of the original 1960s building, as well as a sizable addition. The site is diagonally across from the City Common, and the original building was placed in the middle of the block, with ample open space around it. In the new design, the addition is built out to the street edge, and so helps define the space around the common. The interior of the building is organized around a central aisle, which becomes the “main street” of the project. The elliptical tower at the front of the Library is rotated to face the City hall across the common. In 2001, the Library was presented with an award for design excellence from the Central Massachusetts chapter of the AIA.

Riverdale NY house library addtition