Lexington Residence

This house is in ‘Five Fields’, a modernist enclave in Lexington MA, which includes sixty homes, as well as a common park with a community pool. The basic volume of the house is a saltbox, which is a typical New England typology, and the form was used in some of the original Five Fields houses. The open floor plans include living spaces and a study/bedroom on the ground floor, as well as three bedrooms on the second floor.

We expect that the house will use one half of the energy of a standard new house of the same size. We are able to achieve this efficiency by super-insulating the walls and roof, and heating the house with a geothermal heat pump. We are also harvesting rainwater from the roof, and using low-flow plumbing fixtures. The house is registered in the LEED program, (leadership in energy and environmental design,) and we expect to achieve a LEED silver rating.

Contractor: Asher Nichols & Craftsmen

York Public Library architecture