Cuttyhunk Library

Cuttyhunk is one of The Elizabeth islands below Martha’s Vineyard. It has a rich history as a Coast Guard post, (many ships encountered trouble at the East end of the island); and then as a fishing resort for New Yorkers in the nineteenth century.
The Island had a small year-round population and a much larger summer contingent of families who come every year to swim, sail and relax. There is a small ‘village green,’ with a Town Hall and a one room schoolhouse. The original building which later became the Library, was a 10’ x 12’ shack where the minister could sleep, and was located elsewhere on Tower Hill. In 1926 it was moved up to the location between the School and Town Hall to become the Library. Then in 1957, an addition was cobbled along the back side. Since then, the building had fallen into such a state of disrepair that it had to be demolished.
The new building is built on the same site. It has a little plaza in front, and gives a focus to the ’Town Green.’ The Library was beloved by different generations; There is still a card catalogue, and children checking out a book might see their parents or grandparents name in the lending card at the back. The Library does not have lightning fast internet; it is a traditional book-centered library, and accordingly the ‘great room’ of the building, is the space around these books.