Historic Preservation Architects

Historical buildings need special attention, to ensure that proper materials are used, and craftsmanship is retained. For public buildings on the National Register, it is also important to understand the Secretary’s standards for rehabilitation, and for restoration.

David King is the vice-chair of the Brookline Preservation Commission, and is constantly confronted with the issues of preservation. Our firm has worked on many projects on the National Register, often in coordination with local and state historical commissions. At the Grafton Library, for example, we had to work 70 feet in the air on a man lift, measuring the exact dimensions of the historical cupola, so that we could produce accurate drawings for its reproduction. We also helped the Library apply for a grant from the Massachusetts Historical Commission, (MHC) and then oversaw the restoration of the entire building. This included working with experts in mortar analysis and paint analysis, and carefully choosing materials and methods for the project.

After working on the library, we helped the Town win an MHC grant for the restoration of the Old Town Hall. Along with the Minot-Sleeper Library project and the Worthington Library project these experiences have helped us to understand the pains taking , though rewarding, work of restoration.

Minot-Sleeper Library architecture model